Introducing radio by humans. A brand-new radio station run by people who live and breathe music. Our DJs bring their passion for music through their experience and appearances on numerous radio stations around the globe for the last 20 years.

We always knew that there would always be a sound quality beyond the crackling early days’ of the airwaves that would offer clarity, crispness, sharpness, and match personal systems already being listened to. Internet radio provides this. The sound quality isn’t subject to interference and environmental issues. You don’t lose the signal in poor weather or traveling under a bridge. You are more likely to receive CD-quality sound.

FM band on the airwaves is dying slowly, replaced by smartphones and a good internet service that provides most of us with the music we listen to today. That is where Human radio was born, an idea that has seen a new online presence in Pattaya for this new radio station.Adopting a similar routine to most radio stations, they have an hourly international news bulletin with a smattering of ads targeted at local businesses. Our daily breakfast show with Brooksy is 9.00 am – 12.00 pm, not to be missed. A balance of the best DJs providing music for you throughout the week. The banging chart shows on the weekend accompanied by a Saturday night backed with DJ stars from around the globe. An ever-improving lineup that will give you a diverse range of music to listen to.

It couldn’t be easier to listen. Click on the link on our website, or you can also download the app for android or IOS. We are available on many of the usual radio directories.

Our core audience is aimed at people aged 30-56, so there is an excellent mix of music to listen to every day. Our very own professional DJs create all the playlists. They offer the ability to connect with their audience and will make their show part of your day.

Whether you are listening to motivational music to get you up in the morning or relaxing at one of our late-night shows, we have the right mix of music for you.

Radio by humans is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, give us a try, we know you will love our more music variety.


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