Parker Wilson, the US backpacker who was accused of theft and criminal damage after he drove away a speedboat on Ko Phi Phi on Friday April 19th last, turns the story around by paying up to the boat’s owners for loss and damage while offering a sincere apologies for his actions.

All’s well that ends well was the theme over the last few days for a high spirited young American who undoubtedly took the right course of action over the weekend. The young American apologised and made full restitution to the owner of a speedboat, Ms Apissamai Sangjan.

Parker Wilson had taken the craft on Friday 19th April at Ao Nang Beach in order to reach Ko Phi Phi Don island in a hurry. Arrested on foot of a provincial court warrant on Monday last as he tried to leave Thailand in Bangkok, he was brought back to Krabi by police for questioning which led to last weekend’s good news for all concerned.

Perhaps the American was lucky enough to be able to afford such a course of action but it sure has got out of a lot of hot water after his speedboat lark. He has been freed from police custody and all charges have been dropped.

25 year old American Parker Wilson has meet the owner of the speedboat, Ms Apissamai Sangjan, on Ko Phi Phi and apologised after paying for the loss and damages caused by his Friday night escapade on the 19th April last. The search to apprehend the American was led by Deputy Police Chief on Ko Phi Phi, Lieutenant Colonel Chalermchai Hiraswasdi, who said over the weekend that the story was now an altogether different one following the rapprochement between the owner of the speedboat and the daredevil American.

The 25 year old American who was arrested by Thai police at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Monday evening last has been released from custody in Thailand. The young man was arrested after driving off in an expensive speedboat on the Phi Phi islands and leaving it 15 km away without permission from its owner and despite calls from the startled driver of the boat used to provide tour services on the islands.

Young American took the right course of action
The young American took the right course of action when he apologised to the owner this week and paid full compensation for any damage or loss caused by his actions while in an inebriated state on Friday April 19th last. The escapade captured the imagination of the Thai media over the course of last week.

Cordial scene as Deputy Police Chief hails ‘an altogether different story’ after American apologises
Parker Bishop met up this week with the woman who owned the boat, Ms Apissamai Sangjan and apologised to her in person in quite a cordial scene.

Ms Sangjan’s boat was at its moorings at Ao Nang Beach on Friday 19th April when Mr Bishop, who had become irate during the day believed to be due to his inability to find a boat which he could pilot himself, lowered himself into it, power fed up the engine and set off on his trek to Ko Phi Phi Don, 15 km away.

The American was reported to be quite drunk at the time. The boat was found the next morning outside the Holiday Inn Hotel on the island near Ao Nang. Parker Wilson is reported to have been holidaying on the island with friends.

Arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport and taken back to Ko Phi Phi on Krabi provincial court warrant
After his arrest at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Monday April 22nd, the American was taken back to Ko Phi Phi on a warrant issued by a Krabi provincial court. The Deputy Police Chief on the island, Lieutenant Colonel Chalermchai Hiraswasdi who lead the efforts to track the US man down after reports of the boat theft and subsequent damage caused, told the media this week it was now altogether a different story.

American paid full compensation for damages and loss caused by the incident
After a sincere apologies by the American and a payment for all damages and loss caused to the owner over the incident, the owner of the boat, Ms Apissamai Sangjan has agreed to drop all charges. No further legal action will be taken and the American is once again a free man.

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