The Thai police are launching a national campaign with the BSA The Software Alliance to target businesses without the proper software license agreement. These licenses prove that all software purchased by companies has been purchased through a recognised provider, and not downloaded or pirated illegally.

Illegal software is commonplace in all types of businesses. It is thought that there are many sectors within the business community operating with illegal software. These sectors include manufacturing, construction, banking, finance, engineering, architecture, media, design, IT and healthcare.

It’s one of the facts of life that you think your business is safe and secure. Many business leaders believe that they already comply. However, as the numbers of PC’s they operate run into hundreds and possibly thousands, this can prove a daunting task to keep track of all the machines and continue to invest in genuine software. These companies can unknowingly be breaking software infringement laws.

The Economic Crime Suppression Division already operate and prosecute companies that they found to be working with illegal software. But the BSA is independently contacting thousands of business leaders to give them advice and guidance.

There has been a long-running initiative to campaign against piracy. The BSA with the ECD police have already identified 10,000 companies in 10 provinces which they have suspected of using un-licensed software.

Human IT has a complete solution for any company that is unsure of their IT situation. We can offer a free audit of your IT infrastructure. We can help to make not only all your company assets and data safe, but also prevent malware and hackers. We assist in making sure all your software is legal and up-to-date.

The clock is ticking as you have to comply with the Law before December 31, 2019.

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