Late last month, We’re Humans launched a new real estate website for the Bangkok based agency Baan Hunt. Building new websites is something that We’re Humans have been doing for years, so why are we wanting to talk about this one?

Baan Hunt represents the first property website to be powered by the recently released Human Property System. The system was some three years in the making and is the vision of We’re Humans founder and CEO Ben Davis-Hughes.

The Baan Hunt website has some powerful and easy to use search features enabling customers to find properties based not only on size and price, but also on proximity to BTS and MRT stations. There is also a direct search of projects to show you all available properties within that project.

One of the key features of the Human Property System is it easily allows Baan Hunt to manage their extensive database of property listings and customer enquiries from their mobile devices. This was critical for Baan Hunt as their agents are often out of the office viewing properties.

Now that Baan Hunt have a new website and a new system to manager their real estate business, they want to ensure they get maximum exposure. We’re Humans are please to announce that Baan Hunt have retained them to run a digital marketing campaign to promote their new website which also has a new domain name.

The work will involve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure google properly understands their new website as well as promoting Baan Hunt on various social media platforms.

This on-going business approach is typical of the way We’re Humans work with their customers. They learn about their customers business and requirements and offer solutions and services to help them reach their goals.

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