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A Canadian tourist was killed in Thailand after dropping from a zip line when the safety locks broke.

Reports from Chiang Mai, where the tragedy took place, suggest that the 25-year-old’s safety locks broke, sending him plunging more than 164 feet into a creek below.

Police suspected that the safety locks could not hold the tourist’s 180 kilogram (397 lbs) weight, adding that there were not enough safety cables.

A family friend of the victim disputed the weight offered by police and other reports suggest he weighed closer to 275 lbs.

Police eventually confirmed that he weighed around 264 pounds, under the weight limit.

The operator, Flight of the Gibbon, accepted culpability and said it would compensate the victim’s family.

The company, based in Mae Kam Pong, were also ordered to cease operations pending the end of the police investigation.

They state on their website that people weighing more than 125 kilograms (275.5lbs) are not allowed to ride.

Reports suggested the operator was charged with fatal negligence for allowing the Canadian to ride but no charge can be filed until police inspect the equipment, including the snapped metal wires.

Yesterday afternoon, Chiang Mai police chief Maj. Gen. Pichate Jiranantasin said that investigators remain unable to file any charges because a full autopsy and equipment inspection report is needed.

‘I’ve ordered them to speed up the investigation as much as is possible,’ he said.

Workers at the zip line service said the safety locks broke shortly after the tourist took off from the starting point.

The tragic incident follows several similar ones across the country.

Two Chinese tourists died after falling from two separate zipline attractions, operated by Skyline Adventure and Flying Squirrels in 2015, the last time a death of this nature occurred in the Chang Mai region.

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