It is not easy to find the best car insurance in Thailand, but now there is finally a solution: makes this all possible.

In many other countries, they exist already: Internet comparison portals, but unfortunately not here. If you want to take out car insurance in Thailand, you don’t have many options. You can go to an insurance broker, or straight to an insurance office or even try to find what you’re looking for on the confusing internet.

You could save a considerable amount of money if you find the cheapest insurance. The Internet comparison option is, by far the best solution.
Now it has become a reality, Carrisx offers you the best solution: making a comparison on the internet and finding the cheapest insurance it has never been so easy!

You go directly to the website, enter your car details, and you have insurance offers instantly from over 32 insurance companies in Thailand.
Then you can order the new insurance directly on the website, or receive the offers by email, saving time and money.

It is effortless – you enter your vehicle brand, the vehicle type, the age and a few other details. Several offers will appear. Of course, there are also various filters you can apply to achieve the level of cover you want.

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