From cooking on the streets to serving the elites, Auntie Fai of Jay Fai and Michelin crab omelet fame has created a new menu for Thai Airways’ first and business class passengers.

In an announcement this week, Ekniti Nitithanprapas, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), said Jay Fai’s carefully selected in-flight menu would be served on all flights for Royal Silk Class and Royal First Class Passengers.

A statement posted to Facebook reads, “Jay Fai selected the most suitable inflight menu and best quality ingredients, with special attention to every detail in meal production. Suitability for each flight as well as flavor and ingredients for all passengers were taken under consideration.

Local raw ingredients, such as spices, vegetables, seasonal fruits were used in the special in flight menu in support of the Government policy on agriculture.”

No specifics were given about dishes or the time-period of availability. But given the current queues for her restaurant over on Mahachai Road, we’re thinking a long-haul flight is possibly the quickest way to try that signature omelet or rad na.

Known for its classic, wok-fried seafood dishes, Old Town restaurant Jay Fai has long caused queues for the high quality of the ingredients which its owner, Auntie Fai, personally selects. Even in her 70s, she still heads the open kitchen every night, cooking up your food a la minute over a fiery wok.

It was the only one of our city’s awesome street eats to win a Michelin star in the inaugural Bangkok guide last year.

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