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We don’t deserve dogs.

On Sep. 5, 2019 a Thai netizen shared the story of a dog that had been staying in the same spot by the road for four years.

The canine was believed to be waiting for his owner.

According to the netizen, the dog named Leo was first spotted by a passer-by.

Leo had reportedly gone without any food or water for days.

He was also losing hair and suffering from a skin disease.

The passer-by then started feeding Leo, and sent him for treatment.

She even brought him back home to provide shelter and care for him.

However, even then, Leo would always choose to go back to the same spot by the roadside, and refused to follow her home.

Realising that he could possibly be waiting for his owner to return, the feeder decided to let Leo remain where he wanted to be at, while she continued visiting and providing him with food.

If she was too busy to make it, family members would feed Leo instead.

The feeder has been taking care of Leo for four years.

After learning about the story, the netizen decided to share the plight of Leo online.

Reunited with his owner
After the post went viral in Thailand, one netizen came forward and commented that Leo resembles BonBon, a dog that their cousin had lost four years ago.

To find out whether Leo was really Bonbon, the cousin headed to the roadside.

True enough, Leo could not hide his excitement when he saw his real owner.

The owner explained that they were on their way to visit his nephew, when he realised BonBon had gone missing while they were at the intersection.

He turned back and spent around a week to look for BonBon but to no avail.

We might think that this story ends with Leo going home with his rightful owner.

But Leo decided that he did not want to leave his feeder who had been taking care of him the past four years.

The owner and feeder therefore came up with an agreement — Leo would continue to stay with the feeder, with the owner welcome to visit anytime.

A twist to the story, but a beautiful one.

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