It’s always nice to hear a success story to take away all the doom and gloom that greets us on a daily basis. Thasakamolwan Somboonrat (Nok) has been working her way up through the family business over the past few years, learning what it takes to run a successful company. Showing a true Entrepreneurial spirit Nok decided to diversify by opening up her own company based in Pattaya, 

The time is never right to open a new company up, especially when most companies are consolidating. Still, after a lot of careful research, Nok decided to launch her new beauty products website. Sampling many of the products through personal use, Nok is pleased to share with you the items she is offering on her website.  

Having already earned a reputation as a go-to company, she enlisted the help of a local Pattaya company that specialises in Social media and web design and development.   

There has been a significant shift in buyers’ behaviour during the past few months as COVID 19 has housebound a lot of the public giving rise to the increase of buying activity on the internet. People now have it top of their list to go-line and buy products. The ease at which you can purchase your favourite products without the worry attached to the present virus. Nok identified a gap in the market to provide a comprehensive female-based product website supplying an extensive range of goods, including healthcare, beauty, slimming, etc. There is something for everybody at very competitive prices. Customers will be able to get all the products delivered to their door while shopping online from either mobile tablet or desktop. The range is expanding daily with special monthly offers being offered. Nok says, “Customer care is top of her list”, the aim is to create a reliable, value for money service. Her online presence will give her the ability to reach a far-ranging audience. No order is too small, the same care and attention will be given to everyone that shops.  

For all the latest offers you can follow Nok on Facebook  

We wish Nok all the success for the future with her new venture. 

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