The landscape for buying real estate in Thailand and any other country you would like to name has always been very traditional. Find the money, either borrow from a lender, savings, and the property is yours. But, fast forward, and in today’s market, there is a new kid on the block, Bitcoin. Yes, many Real estate companies are now advertising Bitcoin as a currency to purchase a property.

Over the past few years, the Thai government and regulators have embraced the cryptocurrency market and sanctioned several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereal, Ripple, to name just a few. Cornerstone real estate has always been a forward-thinking and innovative company and naturally have embraced the new revolution. Their experienced staff will simplify the process and guide you through the purchase. As a result, buying or renting a property becomes an easy option, with many more people accepting a cryptocurrency.

The process of using cryptocurrency couldn’t be more straightforward. Using your phone, laptop computer takes all the time-consuming processes generally associated with transferring money, taking hours rather than days.

Leading developers across Thailand have taken the opportunity during the Covid pandemic to announce they are partnering with various financial brokerage firms accepting digital currencies. In the fast-paced digitized world, more and more people view cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to stimulate the struggling real estate market.

Cornerstone Real estate is offering its clients the opportunity for an easy, stress-free legal process to purchase the property of their dreams. They can help you find that house or condo you have always wanted. Whether you live in Thailand or abroad, the process is precisely the same.

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