Thailand is a beautiful warm country where you can relax all year round. However, there are still seasons here with varying degrees of temperature.

Not to worry, though, it never drops below freezing
The odd tropical downpour can even be quite entertaining at times.
Here is our brief run down of the climate in The Kingdom.
Shades on – Check New Bikini/ManKini bought – Check
Cocktail season is here and to top it all off you have the world-famous Songkran spirit to carry you through April.
The season is as it says. Lots of hot sunny days with not much rain.
Great time of the year for sun worshipers and island hoppers. That said, it can get seriously HOT so make sure you have that sunblock to hand.
Where to be:
The Andaman Sea is where it’s at: Phuket, Koh Phangan, Khao Lak and Krabi.
Umbrella – Check Raincoat – Check
This time of year is usually accompanied by heavy rain and will normally have rough seas.
Great time of the year to gorge on Thai food, stay in cities and maybe indulge in the odd massage or two.
The rain isn’t constant in the early months of the period as it will rain for one or two hours and then dry out. However, it can be torrential when it does rain.
Remember, you’re in the Tropics.
Where to be:
Bangkok or Pattaya
Light jumper – Check Coffee Shop List – Check
We have a winter. Well, kind of. It normally runs from November through February and will still feel hot to most visitors, but much of the country does experience a short cold snap for a week or so in December, especially in the north and north-east where it can get quite chilly.
This has to be my favourite time.Instead of overbearing heat, you feel an oddly unfamiliar cool breeze when you step outside and there’s often a week or so with that cold snap in the air.

Where to be:
Chiang Mai/ Chaing Rai, Bangkok, Pattaya and Hua Hin
Otherwise, head to the postcard-perfect Pai, a town tucked in the valley on the banks of the river of the same name. Other places in northern Thailand with an abundance of stunning natural delights are Khao Kho and Nan.
By Paul Johnson
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Photo Credit: Paul Eddie Yates

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