Light up at home and go to jail? Not quite. But starting tomorrow, legal action can be taken by those affected by a smoker at their residence, according to a law adopted earlier this year and coming into effect Tuesday.

Under the new law, smoking at home can be considered domestic violence because it harms the health of those living under the same roof. While it is not a blanket ban, it enables family members to file complaints at local family protection centers which will then be forwarded to the justice system. The penalties for those found guilty were not made clear.

The 2019 Promotion of Development and Protection of the Family Institution Act was originally announced in May in the Royal Gazette. It’s one of a raft of anti-smoking measures adopted in recent years to curtail smoking-related health issues that have been enforced with uneven results. Other measures have included banning smoking, both indoors and out, at international airports (the fine is THB5,000, or US$160) and near building entrances.

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