Thailand is known around the world as the Land of Smiles, but just as prevalent as the cheery grins is the widely-held belief in ghosts. Before taking your trip, here’s your chance to get to know the spooky side a little better.

Nak was beautiful, pregnant and truly in love. All was well, until her husband was conscripted to fight in the war. Whilst he was away, Mae and the baby both passed away in childbirth. The husband returns to find his wife and baby, and is warned by the villagers that she’s now a ghost. The husband realises once he sees Nak stretch her arm out to pick something up, and he flees. With Nak in hot pursuit, he hides amongst a ghost-proof plant before heading to the sanctuary of a temple. Nak was exorcised twice by monks, confined firstly to a jar and secondly to a waistband, and it’s said that the royal family of Thailand has that waistband today.

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