A foul-smelling ghost who appears as a normal person in the daytime, Phi Phong feeds on unpleasant foods such as frogs, forcing many to stay indoors if they hear the noises of frogs nearby for fear of bumping into him. Whilst not especially dangerous to humans, Phi Phong will attack if threatened and there’s the risk of becoming one yourself should you accidentally ingest his saliva.

Additionally (Thai: ผีโพง, ผีโป่ง) is a Thai ghost of Northern folk beliefs. It has another name in the Issan language (Northeast dialect) as Phi Phao (ผีเป้า).

Those who’re Phi Phong are beginning of black magic and can’t control of subjects in themselves, or force of planted a species. It’s called “Wan Phi Phong” (ว่านผีโพง; lit: “ghost herb”), which has a white, hot flavor and make a light in the dark like luminous woodlouse.

In the day, Phi Phong appears as a normal person, but at night turns into a ghost. With the light of fire in its nostrils, it searches for filthy foods such as frogs, dung, dead bodies or placenta like Phi Krasue, Phi Krahang or Phi Pop, but it disappears if someone gets close.

Typically, Phi Phong don’t harm humans unless threatened, whereby Phi Phong will throw banana stalks cut from the widow’s water carrying pole over the roof of the victim’s house. The families of those who’re live there will find many plagues.

Phi Phong can die if someone correctly identifies its human form as Phi Phong.

Phi Phong can be transmitted to each other. When someone was spit on the face or eat saliva of Phi Phong.

At Phlapphla Subdistrict, Chok Chai District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. There’s a village named “Ban Nong Phi Lok” (บ้านหนองผีหลอก; ” Spooky Marsh Village”). It’s about 5 km away from the district center. Most of the condition is cassava and paddy fields. This’s due to the rumors that have been around for hundreds of years. In the past there were about 100 rai (about 1/3 acre) of wetlands adjacent to the dirt road. In the evening, Phi Phong come out finding frogs to eat so often that no one dares to pass at night. But until now, this village hasn’t been officially promoted as a village.

In early August 2017, a village in the area of Mueang Phrae District, Phrae Province, there was a rumour that Phi Phong were rampant. Because someone see strange lights like many animals that floated in the village at night, it’s believed to be Phi Phong. (some people believe that Phi Pop). It caused panic for the villagers, fear that it would steal ducks, chickens or other pets of the locals, and writes a label. “This house no child or pets” and hanging Palad khik (ปลัดขิก; a type of Thai amulet) in front of the house to protect. But the headman believed, it’s not likely to be true.

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