The setting for this years TSS motor racing event rounds 5 and 6 is at the beautiful seaside town of Bangsaen, boasting one of the most beautiful street circuits in the world. During the 4 days of racing, the crowds will undoubtedly be treated to the best of motor racing. The circuit twists and turns around the coast road before heading back to the beach. A test for all drivers in all the classes.

The first round of qualifying for TA2 Asia took place on Thurs, but an unfortunate accident made it impossible to fit the second round in. The pole position for the starting grid on Saturday went to the teenage sensation Jaylyn Robotham from Australia at only 16 years of age and his co-driver Paul Manuell also from Australia. We needed an extension to fit in the second qualifying, which took place on Friday morning. Once again a hotly contested race with Craig Corliss and Steve Owen taking the honours and pole position for Sunday’s race.

Tight street circuits are alway notorious for accidents, and the weather conditions also play a big part in the outcome. Several TA2 cars after crashing out posed some problems to their pit crews. Pleased to say after some fantastic behind the scenes work by the mechanics enabled all the cars to line up on the grid on Saturday.

Car number 29 was presented with a cheque by Simon Gardini, who is the new sponsor for the pole position for both races at the weekend. Car 29 Jaylyn pole will lead the field in a 40-minute race. Most of the teams will be changing to co-drivers after halfway. Making its debut to TA2 racing is the new Mercedes driven by the princes of Malaysia.

A formation lap first warming their tyres before the cars are released, rolling start Jay leads off, Mercedes drops to 5th, Greg Benette making up places already. Cem after the 2nd lap 35 pulls up safely with a mechanical issue. The first 4 cars after a few laps already starting to pull away. Jay team Tecpro, then Craig and the Merc then Raf an indecent driving for AF Racing. Gabby has a problem with stability as the front bumper is hanging off; perhaps she has hit a barrier and is being caught. Upfront Jay is being challenged by the Maxnitron. Craig best lap 1.44 in third position and closing on the leaders. The top three are now pulling away from the Mercedes. But a yellow flag is being waved. Narim Innovation B-Quik from the back of the field, making a move up and catching Michael Freeman car 55. The pit window is now open. Car 29 comes in along with 88. The leader is the Maxnitron car 63 Grant and Silipa.

All cars are coming in the pits at the moment. Car no 29 first out Paul Manuell. Running repair to car 26 B-Quik the bonnet is damaged after an issue. Gabby comes in for repair to the bumper. Car 63 out in front with car 29 Tecpro second, car 97 Mercedes in third after the pit stops. Car 11 AF Racing Maxime on a charge, already passing several cars. 63 Maxnitron finally comes in and car 29 Paul takes the lead. Car 11 AF Racing passes Gaby, charging up the field up to 6th. Car 55 B-Quik and car 88 Tecpro are very close, passes but squeezes 55 Innovation B-Quik into the barriers and is out. Yellow flags are waving. So the safety car comes out. Which is obviously going to bunch the field uptight. AF Racing car 11 with Maxine is 5th now. 55 hosted away by a crane. 8 cars left, as they get underway. Unfortunately, car 63 has a one-second penalty. Maxime passes straightaway to up to 4th. Tecpro still out at the front car 29. Maxime now up to third. Steve Owen pushing hard in second. After a very tight last lap, car 29 Tecpro holds on for the win, car 88 second Steve Owen also Tecpro second and AF Racing 63 Maxime third. What an eventful race full of spills and thrills.

The second race lined up Craig Car 88, Greg Car 11, and Jay car 29. They stay in the same order as they complete a rolling start off the line. But Narin car 26 Innovation B-Quik puts it into the barrier after a nudge from behind bringing out the safety car immediately. Going to be a significant delay.

Back underway after a 10-minute delay. Car 88 takes them off again. The top 3 already getting away from the rest of the field. Car 88, 11, 29. Lap 4 the pit window opens the Merc is one of the first to come in. The delay with the safety car has shortened the race. Cem comes in but stays in the car as he is the sole runner. Most of the other drivers decided to come in with the top 3 staying out for another lap. Craig and Greg come in on lap 6. Jay 29 stays out. Jay finally comes in. Raf 13 comes to a stop and spins, oversteer and comes to a stop.

Craig comes out just in front with car 29 in second and 11 Maxime in third. Pit window closed. 29 bumps into the first position Steve but they carry on both are damaged with a big hole in the side of car 29 Paul. Camero leads the Mustang. Still, very tight race by the top two, 29 tries to pass again, but 88 holds them off. Finally, Tecpro car 29 makes a successful pass on lap 12. There is now a 13-second gap to third place. But car 88 has a 2 second stop and go penalty, for a pit infringement. Cem finally comes back out from the pits losing a lot of time.

Lap 13, car 88 comes in for a stop and go penalty. Paul car 29 is now well out in the lead 16 seconds. Maxime car 11 AF Racing goes into second with 5 minutes to go. But the field is slowly catching up the second-placed car. Paul taking it easy out in from making no mistakes to the checkered flag and takes the win and double for car 29 this weekend. Final lap 55 spins out, and Maxnitron spins but recovers to make an excellent third place. Greg and Maxime take second place in car 11 AF Racing.

A brilliant weekend of racing on a fantastic, beautiful street circuit in Bagsaen. A superbly organized event watched by a huge crowd.

Now after a short break onto Bira Race Circuit at the end of September.

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