human crocs

Crocs are to the fashion landscape what Volvo used to be to cars. That is, comfortable, practical and reliable, but not exactly what you’d call sexy.

But just as Volvo upped their aesthetic game, so too have Crocs tried to break free of their less-than-fashionable image with a variety of styles and even designer collaborations. The brand’s most recent foray into high-heeled shoes, however, has people strongly divided.

“It’s a very innovative shoe. It’s light, it’s a one-piece foam mould, and to me, these kinds of techniques and working with these kinds of materials is very Balenciaga,” said Demna Gavasalia, the brand’s creative director, in an interview with Vogue UK. “In the future, you will be able to 3D print them at home because they are all one piece.”

In the meantime, however, you’ll have to wait for the style to be restocked, or dig deep into your pockets to shell out for what has proven to be a very coveted, if controversial, shoe. Human Lifestyle!

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