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Human Digital Solutions is pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership with Internet Removals of Australia, creating Human Internet Removals. This exciting joint venture will not only allow human to expand the services we provide but team up with a world-renowned organisation.
All of these services are available to both Thai and English-speaking clients. IR has been making a name for themselves in the content removal and reputation industry since 2011, developing and perfecting their skills on all aspect of content removal matters. From the straight forward issue of a lost email account to the more complex removal of 200 URL’s impacting on a company’s copyright infringement. IR have been helping both private individuals and corporate companies, tackling all aspects of content removal. They have been responsible for removing more than 78,000 URL’s so far.
We’re Human’s has been operating in Pattaya Thailand for over eight years having a sister company in the UK. Across the group, we offer several services from graphic design, website design and development. We are a full digital marketing company, providing on and off-page SEO, copywriting and video and photography, complemented by a comprehensive IT service department. Employing 12 staff and growing fast. We work with local, national and international clients in a wide range of sectors.
As a result of the partnership, we can now offer a diverse array of content removal services to corporate companies as well as individuals in Thailand. Over the last 7 years, IR has been creating a process for crafting, lodging and monitoring content removal applications. This has been hugely successful on thousands of occasions earning a reputation for placing them at the forefront of the industry.
This includes a sophisticated content monitoring system that can alert individuals or companies to online mentions. We can inform our clients of the possible unwanted digital mention as they occur, and advising our clients about the options available to them.
Account Recovery is part of our recovery services. There are many reasons why individuals or businesses lose access to email or social accounts, it could be lost password or indeed hacked. This invariably puts the account at risk of losing valuable information and content into the public domain. Human internet removals specialise in recovering accounts from all types of social media and individual or business email accounts.
Copyright infringement can cause immeasurable damage to individuals as well as companies.
Online abuse of personal, intimate pictures and videos can leave a devastating trial for the individual involved of shame and injustice. In the business world music, videos, images can quickly be circulated across the internet, causing untold loss financially.
Human internet Removals specialises in removing the property, content rightfully yours unjustifiably published by websites.
Contact Human Internet Removals for a free consultation if you would like any more information on the services we provide.
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