After a number of teases, the Volvo 360c is revealed as a look at a future autonomous driver ‘Pod’ which Volvo imagines will change the way we travel.

The Volvo 360c tease in the last couple of weeks has had us wondering what a Volvo 360c could be. And now we know.

The Volvo 360c isn’t a new electric car from Volvo, and nor is it a new Volvo with extra autonomous abilities. In fact, arguably, it’s not a ‘car’ at all.

The 360c can perhaps be best described as a future transport ‘Pod’; a way of being transported from one place to another without any need for driver input.

Volvo say the 360c offers four potential uses, including as a sleeping environment, a mobile office, a living room and an entertainment space, delivering the promise of sleep on overnight travel, with Volvo even imagining a ‘Sleep Blanket’ with a restraining system to keep you safe.

Volvo is also raising the problems of an autonomous vehicle communicating intent to pedestrians and other road uses (just as JLR has been doing), and are proposing a universal standard of sounds, visuals and movement to do so.

Don’t expect the Volvo 360c – or anything like it – to arrive from Volvo any time soon. But it is an interesting imagining.

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