banana fritters

They’re coconutty and crisp on the outside, yet sweet and meltingly soft on the inside. This is a lovely dessert to share after a dinner party – though I could actually eat all these up in front of the television, as quiet as anything. And though I like to serve them straightaway after cooking, they’re also good cold, or reheated in the oven. The batter can be used to make pineapple or other fruit fritters.

Serves 4-6
rice flour 200g
coconut milk 400ml
light brown sugar 70g, or maple syrup
vanilla extract 1 tsp
just-ripe bananas 6
coconut oil 4 tbsp, or vegetable oil
ice-cream to serve (optional)

In a large bowl, mix together the rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and vanilla extract until it forms a smooth batter.

Cut the bananas in half widthways, then halve each piece of banana lengthways.

On medium, heat a frying pan with about 4 tablespoons of oil. In batches, coat some of the bananas in the bowl of batter then gently fry until golden, turning occasionally. This should take about 2-3 minutes on each side.

I like to add vanilla ice cream with mine…

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