Swearing in public places is illegal and can get you fined up to $660 in New South Wales Austrailia
Summary Offenses Act 1988 states a person cannot use offensive language
In South Australia the maximum penalty is $1250 or three months’ imprisonment

Whether you agree or not, swearing in a public place can land you in a lot more trouble – and debt – than you expected.

Even though it’s become normal to drop a swear word when you get frustrated, it is actually considered illegal when visiting parks, beaches and restaurants, right across Australia.

The Summary Offenses Act 1988 states: ‘a person must not use offensive language in or near, or within hearing from, a public place or a school.’

It is considered illegal to swear in public places including parks, beaches and restaurants

Anyone caught in New South Wales, can be fined up to $660 or might even be required to complete up to 100 hours of community service.

While in South Australia the maximum penalty is $1250 or three months’ imprisonment.

Queensland and Victoria also enforce the stand and clearly define the language as ‘disorderly, offensive, threatening, indecent, and violent.’

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