Hurray Messenger has reported it will close down in the not so distant future following 20 long periods of faithful administration.

“We know we have numerous steadfast fans who have utilized Yahoo Messenger since its start as one of the main applications of its kind,” said Oath, which presently owns Yahoo.

Furthermore, the first of its kind it absolutely was.

Yippee Messenger, which was thought of as being progressive when it initially propelled two decades back.

From the ‘ping’ choice on that permitted you get the consideration of one of your contacts, to the lightning jolt symbol you could send to somebody when they were irritating you, AOL Instant Messenger, as it was known at that point, was one of the main stage that encouraged us how to talk with companions on the web.

In any case, with the expansion in clients of visit applications, for example, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line and WeChat, ICQ for some individuals Yahoo Messenger was at that point ancient history and the declaration of its conclusion will come as meager amazement.

The composition has been on the divider for Yahoo Messenger for quite a while, with its parent organization Oath additionally closing down its sister talk application AOL IM a year ago, while its real adversary, MSN Messenger was closed around Microsoft in 2014.

Be that as it may, Oath still observes a future in texting, just not with Yahoo Messenger. The organization has affirmed, in any case, that it is taking a shot at “new, energizing specialized apparatuses” for the 21st century as another visit stage called Squirrel.

“We’re as of now exploring different avenues regarding new administrations and applications, one of which is a welcome just gathering informing application called Yahoo Squirrel (at present in beta),” Oath said.

In the improbable occasion you are as yet utilizing Yahoo, your Yahoo ID will even now work for your Yahoo Mail following the shutdown of Messenger.

However, let be honest, you likely haven’t utilized Yahoo Messenger for quite a long time and on the off chance that you are as yet utilizing Yahoo Mail you have to ask yourself for what valid reason?

The organization has endured various major digital assaults which contained the usernames, passwords and other delicate information of its clients.

In 2013, the Yahoo was the casualty of what is accepted to be one of the greatest ever digital assaults, in spite of the fact that they organization didn’t uncover it had been hacked until 2016!

Yippee at first said that one billion of its clients were influenced yet was later compelled to concede that the subtle elements of 3 billion individuals were imperiled amid the break.

Yippee Messenger will close on 17 June 2018, not really going to impact facebook messenger…

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