dongtarn beach beautification progress

The residents of Sands Pratumnak located at Pratumnak Soi 5 near the beach are about to enjoy the benefits of the Jomtien Beach Beautification Project. Sands Pratumnak is in a prime location for their residents to have easy access to the newly renovated beach. Those lucky enough to have views over the beach will find that their outlook is even more spectacular than before.

Additional benefits for residents of Sands include the ongoing improvement in the water quality along the beach and substantially less rubbish. Also, a lifeguard station will be situated right near the luxurious development adding an additional level of safety to the beach goers and swimmers.

Many people consider the beach in front of the Sands as Pratumanak Beach. However, it is actually the northern most part of Dongtan Beach which begins at the Police Box at Jomtien 1 and extends to just past Sands Pratumnak.

Dongtan Beach is part of the Jomtien Beach Beautification Project. Work on this section began in early 2017 with full completion initially targeted by May 2019. Nong Nooch Landscape and Garden Design is the lead contractor for this 91 million baht project, and current forecasts suggest a completion in April of this year.

The work included cutting back some of the old growth trees which had become so overgrown they posed a hazard from falling branches. A significant number of new trees were planted improving the visual presentation and providing additional shade for the beach.

Other improvements to the beach include a nice wide walkway for pedestrians, and a separate bicycle path. There is also now access available for vehicles but this is restricted to help keep the area quiet, and to date no tour buses have been seen.

The feedback on the new and improved Dongtan Beach on the completed phases are quite positive. Sites such as Trip Advisor or Google reviews show overwhelming support for the results of the Beautification Project.

Commenters note that the new look and feel of Dongtan Beach with the wider footpath and much improved lighting has a much safer feel for pedestrians. Further, perhaps a consequence of cutting back the overgrowth, the number of stray dogs in the area seems to be in significant decline. A number of reviewers noted that they felt the cleanliness of Dongtan Beach has improved significantly. Many made mention how much quieter it was in comparison to Jomtien. No doubt this is due in large part to the reduced traffic and absence of touristy shops.

As a long time resident of Jomtien, I can personally confirm that Dongtarn Beach has transformed to a beautiful quiet idyllic piece of paradise. Luxury comes as Standard at Sands Pratumnak and now their residents are the most fortunate benefactors of the Beautification Project. They benefit not only from the beautiful views, but are in the best position to enjoy all the beaches improvements.


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