A MANEATER great white shark leaps into the air just feet from a boat full of screaming tourists.

The sightseers got a thrilling close encounter as the toothy predator suddenly burst from the water near Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Divers in a cage below the surface also got a close-up view of the 10ft killer.

Tour guide Andrew Wright of Calypso Charters said it was rare to see one leaping out of the water so near to a boat.

“There was lots of cheering and excitement, so everyone was certainly impressed,” he told Nine News.

‘Seeing them jump out of the water like that, particularly at close range, is certainly not a normal occurrence.

“It’s good viewing from the boat but also in the cage. So, all in all, it was a good day.”

The shark made a splash with the tourists as Andrew towed a baited line behind the boat.

Video shows it flying clear of the surface as it tried to grab hold of the morsel from below.

It is the same deadly tactic the predators use to ambush seals, their favourite food.

Shark tours are popular off Port Lincoln, which has regular sightings thanks to the local seal population.

In December, Jaws-dropping photos captured the moment a huge great white leapt out of the sea trying to catch a baby seal off South Africa.

Last June, a long-tailed thresher shark was snapped making a spectacular vertical leap off the coast of Wales.

And terrifying video showed a shark jumping from the sea and biting a parasailer’s foot at a Red Sea resort.

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