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Vietnam’s beauty representative, Phan Thị Mơ, has triumphed over 49 other contestants from around the world to take the crown of World Miss Tourism Ambassador 2018 at the grand final recently held in Thailand.

Mơ was also in the top 18 in the Best Body Category and won the Best Costume for Tourism Promotion. She was highly regarded by both the judges and the audience throughout the competition. The other contestants entering the top six included representatives from Chile, Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Bolivia and Mongolia. The first runner-up title went to Miss Thailand and the second and third runner-up places were awarded to beauties from Bolivia and Mongolia respectively. The World Tourism Queen and World Miss Couture titles were awarded to representatives from Hong Kong and Chile respectively.

Mơ was born in 1990 in Tien Giang Province. She finished in the top five at Miss Vietnam World 2010. During the question and answer session, when asked what her biggest fear in life is, Mo said that because health was the most important thing, her biggest fear was illnesses. Before participating, she said this would be the last time she participated in an international beauty pageant and expressed a strong desire to win.

Mơ said she was overwhelmed with happiness on hearing her name announced as the winner of the beauty pageant. World Miss Tourism Ambassador was first held in 2017. This year’s beauty pageant was held over 15 days in both Vietnam and Thailand.

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