PAD 2019

The new iPad Pro is so impressive. With its all-new design, it is the thinnest iPad, at 5.9 millimetres. The home button is gone and it comes with Face ID (facial identification) technology.

And those are just a couple of the new features. The shape is shifting from the curvy look, bringing it in line with the flatter iPhone SE. The headphone jack is gone, allowing a thinner design. And it is a lot more compact inside due to the home-button removal. The latest version is clearly an upgrade, with no real trade-offs. With the home button gone, your interaction will be much like using an iPhone, but there are also some slight differences because iOS on iPad is different from iOS on the iPhone. Still, it is very similar.

At first blush the latest version appears similar to the first iPad, launched in 2010, but a closer look reveals huge differences. The graphic capability of the iPad Pro 3rd Gen is 1,000 times faster than the original iPad – and so has come a long way in eight years.

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