High Yield Real Estate Rental Returns Explained

Most of the “rental guarantee” promises are paid for by the buyer.
Only by marking-up the price most property developers are able to offer “guaranteed” rental-programs.
With a simple question, you can find out the truth: “I would like the apartment for PERSONAL USE. I am not interested in the guaranteed rental program. What discount could you offer me?”
Nine out of ten, promised rental-earnings are for grabs and are offered as a discount.
Can’t blame the project developers as it’s their ‘creative’ way to generate (pre-) sales or get rid of their leftovers. Naïve ‘investors’ think to walk-away with a decent “buy to let” investment – but in fact they are skimmed.

A property-developer is primarily focused and specialized in building- and selling of properties.

Rental-business is NOT part of their “chain of command” in most cases.
Yet, there are investment-programs that almost sound “to good to be true”, offering 9% net returns for up to 20 years! Even with guaranteed Buy-Back options!
We hereby refer to the highly successful New Nordic Group (NNG), the fastest growing resort & hotel operation in Asia.

RE/MAX THAILAND looked into NNG and found a significant difference plus ANSWER to the question: “How can they do this?”…


When you combine project-development with a successful hotel operation; your business-model becomes far more attractive; more powerful; profitable and flexible than ANY other ‘competitor’.

How can you benefit from that as an investor and become part of this successful team?

In a nutshell: You purchase a fully equipped freehold or leasehold hotel room.
Your apartment will be operated and managed by NNG. A professional hospitality team is operating their resort to ensure that the rooms are sold to the highest achievable rates, with a coherent standard and structure. As NNG operates several resorts, it gives them a clear advantage in the market and further enables them to get beneficial prices with operators and suppliers. Operating across many destinations also enables NNG to get stability despite fluctuations in the markets, seasonal changes and domestic instabilities.
NNG guarantees a hassle-free investment with high- and sustainable annual yields, paid monthly into your account as a passive local source of alternative income.

The starting-investment for a fully equipped hotel unit is: THB 2.5 Million (USD$ 75,000).
(Your annual return would be THB 225,000 / THB 18,750 per month)
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